About Qudwa


QUDWA 2017


October 7-8, 2017

Created under the auspices of the Education Affairs Office within the Crown Prince Court of Abu Dhabi, Qudwa is a Global Teachers’ Forum which aims to empower teachers to improve the future of education.

Innovations in technology and new approaches to classroom learning are drastically transforming the teaching profession. These changes will have major impacts on the way students learn and more fundamentally on the way teachers prepare for new curriculum, new techniques and more broadly a new normal that flips traditional teaching methods upside down.

Qudwa is hosting 800 global trailblazers of education to launch an interactive discussion about a critical question: what does Teaching for Tomorrow really mean to educators?

Students are ill-prepared for 21st-Century job opportunities because the skills educators equip them with are still stuck in the previous century. The way we train students must change in order to maximise future societal and economic progress.

Solving this problem requires devising an entirely new approach - one which equips teachers with the right tools, techniques and technologies to help each student succeed in a working world that is more changeable and unpredictable than ever.

The Qudwa Forum will become an incubator for new ideas and approaches to teaching, which will spread throughout the expanding Qudwa community of global educators.

By working together, we can lay the foundation for the future of education and improve the outcomes for children around the world.

The future of society lies in the teachers
who inspire the minds of tomorrow.

Qudwa's Mission

Empowering teachers to improve the future of education.

What is Qudwa

Qudwa is a Forum with teachers at its heart that recognises education as the single greatest contributor to the success, progress, peace and happiness of all nations.

Why it Matters

Qudwa in Arabic means “role-model”. We believe that teachers are essential role models and that teaching is about more than facts and figures - it is about building character, curiosity, and creating the environment for children to reach potential they did not even know existed. Teachers prepare children for the future – for work and for life, teaching them the skills they need to succeed.

The Focus of the Forum

The future will look fundamentally different to the world we live in today. So too will the way we think, teach, and learn. The theme of the event, ‘Teaching for Tomorrow,’ will focus on exciting transformational, behavioural and technology trends that will shape new approaches to education that combine old-school methods, with new-school ideas.

The UAE’s Commitment

Under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces and Chairman of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the UAE is placing education at the top of its agenda, recognising that prosperity is directly linked to our ability to educate future generations.

Who is Coming

Over 800 global educators and influencers, industry experts, and government ministers from both the UAE and abroad will join us in Abu Dhabi this October.


We are excited to be working with global partners like the OECD, the Varkey Foundation and Teach for All, as well as local and regional partners like the Queen Rania Foundation, the Ministry of Education, the Abu Dhabi Education Council and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority to equip teachers with new tools, experience and shared knowledge.

Qudwa Forum Tracks

Special addresses by keynote speakers designed to inform, inspire, and encourage active engagement. Each plenary session features insights from trailblazers in education.

A panel of teachers and experts in conversation around specific challenges facing the profession. These candid discussions explore opportunities and barriers to optimize the benefits offered by pedagogical and technological innovations. Participants share unique perspectives, suggestions and solutions to key challenges. read more

Meet the Mentor is an open Q&A style session featuring powerful role models. Participants have a chance to engage in frank conversations in an intimate setting, listen, and ask questions. read more

Extraordinary personal stories from teachers from around the world that reinforce passion for teaching. These personal stories also help bridge the human and scientific components of innovative leadership in the teaching profession. read more

Teachers have the opportunity to shape the agenda of Qudwa by voting for the topics they wish to discuss. Using the Qudwa mobile app, participants have an opportunity to propose topics and vote for the ones they would like to be featured. read more

Meaningful networking opportunities tailored to the profile of each participant. Interactions are facilitated and pre-organized, allowing participants to meet at specific times for enriching conversations among peers.

The Qudwa Hackathon is a formal competition facilitated by the Awaken Group. The Hackathon requires pre-registration.

In addition to the Hackathon, there will be other fun, informal challenges, on the Qudwa mobile app to inspire out of the box thinking and creativity.

How can we successfully integrate values into the classroom? What are the best ways to teach entrepreneurship? Leaders in their field will run workshops where innovation is the catalyst for positive change in the teaching profession. Labs provide concrete takeaways which teachers are able to take back to their classrooms. read more

Specialists or expert researchers lead interactive discussions on how the education landscape is changing, and how we must adapt to effectively teach for the future. Participants learn first-hand, experiential knowledge which transcends textbooks. read more

* Unless specified, all sessions will be conducted in English with simultaneous Arabic translation.