Gamifying Teaching: What Works?
Tackling In-Person and Online Bullying In Tomorrow's Schools
Social Media As A Platform For Tomorrow's Learning
Technology In The Classroom, Today and Tomorrow
A Profile Of Tomorrow's Quality Teaching
Tomorrow’s Teaching: Balancing Knowledge and Competency-based Learning
Designing Better Teacher Feedback for the Future
Alternative Education Methods as a Lever for Teaching Innovation
Parents as Partners in Teaching?
Making Schools More Equitable: Teaching Disadvantaged Students
Spotlight Session: Artificial intelligence is the future of personalized learning
Dr.Micheal Borba
Special Adress
Repertoire Plenary
Andreas Schleicher
Spotlight Session: Artificial intelligence is the future of personalized learning
Aggeliki Pappa
Victor Ochen
Strategies That Effective Character Teachers Use in the Classroom
Whole Books for the Whole Class
Interview with Corey Mitchell
Plenary - Closing Address
Interview with Victor Ochen
Interview with Tyler Dewitt
Interview with Steve Ritz
Interview with So - Young Kang
Interview with Dr. Scott Bolland
Interview with Roslina Chani
Interview with Ron Clark
Interview with Omar Samra
Interview with Nik Kafka
Interview with Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa
Interview with Moses Mohan
Interview with DR. Michele Borba
Interview with Michael Horn
Interview with Julia Gillard
Interview with Dr.Ger Graus
Interview with Elizabeth Green
Interview with Drue Kataoka
Interview with Dave Duarte
interview with Andreas Schleicher
Interview with Ariel Sacks
Interview with Aggeliki Pappa
Interview with Adam Braun
Expert Master Class - Day 2
Teacher Lab - Day 2
Coffeehouse Session & Building Bridges
Inspirational Stories - Day 2
Meet The Mentor - Day 2
Teacher Talk - Day 2
Plenary - Day 2
Teachers Group photo
Cultural Tour
Expert Masterclass - Day 1
Inspirational Stories - Day 1
Coffeehouse Session & Building Bridges
Inspirational Stories - Day 1
Meet The Mentor - Day 1
Justin David Moorman, emphasized the importance of encouraging teachers to be involved in the education revolution. #TeacherTalk
H.H. Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan and HE Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan touring the educational sessions at #Qudwa2017
Highlights of Qudwa Global Teachers' Forum 2017
Qudwa Global Teachers' Forum 2017
Plenary - Day 1
Mareike Hachemer, Teacher, Germany: "Collaboration and personal growth are the most effective methods to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.” #TeacherTalk
So exciting to see full participation across all #Qudwa2017 interactive sessions this afternoon!
#TeacherLab: Marwa Kassem and Nesma Farahat, experts in #education discuss the concept of digital support for moral education.
Moses Mohan of Awaken Group, Singapore stresses the importance of teachers incorporating a sense of understanding when dealing with their students' short-comings. #TeacherLab
Armand Doucet's advice for teachers: “Whatever you do in the classroom, do it with intent.” #TeacherTalk
Haif Bannayan’s #InspirationalStories session discusses how to equip teachers with the right skills to navigate the classroom
Andreas Schleicher, Director, Directorate of Education and Skills, OECD: "We can’t keep teaching people for a lifetime. The key is to develop navigation skills to help them find their own ways"
HE Jameela al Muhairi: "Education is not a secondary requirement but a primary one for everyone in the #UAE and the world"
Ron Clark, Founder and CEO, Ron Clark Academy, USA, kicks off day 2 of #Qudwa2017 with a #SpecialAddress
Quote by Stephen Ritz, STEAM/Director, Public School 55, USA, at #TeacherTalk, #Qudwa2017
‪Drue Kataoka ‬, Artist, Technologist and Young Global Leader, World Economic Forum: “We need to move from STEM to STEAM by including ‘Art’ into class practices” #ExpertMasterclass
Quote by Hon. Dalton McGuinty at #Qudwa2017's #InspirationalStories
Dr. Taoufik Boulhrir: “I integrate students from different socioeconomic backgrounds by involving them in peer-work and team building exercises.” #TeacherTalk
Participants at our #TeacherLab workshop share their ideas with one another on building a generation of entreprenurs.
"The best way to teach generations about peace is by planting the seeds of peace in children at a young age" Victor Ochen, Founder, African Youth Initiative Network, Uganda #InspirationalStories
Souad Belcaid, Teacher, #Morocco: “Many teachers who receive feedback see it as punitive, but I think it’s a necessity in order to grow professionally.” #TeacherTalk
Insights on #Qudwa2017 by Mohamed Al Neaimi, Director of Education Affairs Office, Crown Prince Court, Abu Dhabi.
H.H. Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan visiting the #InspirationalStories session at #Qudwa2017
Jason Chan and Jerald Lam of Singapore's Awaken Group conduct a #TeacherLab on leveraging the strengths to become a better educator. #Qudwa2017
Dr. Nasr Arif, Advisor to the President at Zayed University, discusses how to incorporate the lessons of tolerance in teaching at #Qudwa2017's #TeacherLab
Here are the highlights of #Qudwa2017's #OpeningAddress from H.H. Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
H.E. Noura bin Mohammed Al Kaabi, Minister of State for Federal National Council Affairs: "Robots & media could replace teachers but they can’t provide emotional communication to students" #MeetTheMentor
Rashmi Kathuria speaking at #TeacherLab 1 at #Qudwa2017
#HappeningNow at the #TeacherLab session: Nik Kafka, Sally Ann Walker & Rashmi Kathuria discuss how to educate tomorrow's entreprenuers
#TeacherTalk session 1: Active Learning: The Way Forward, kicks off with Lisa Lowenstein, Niall McGonigle and Richard Spencer
Quote by H.H. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan at #Qudwa2017
H.H. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Chairman of the Education and Human Resources Council, #UAE is delivering the #OpeningAddress now at #Qudwa2017.
‏Take a look at the agenda for #Qudwa2017 Day 1
When technology has found its way into everything we do, how can classrooms be left out? According to a recent study by the IT Trade Association CompTIA, around 75% of educators think that technology has a positive impact in the education process.
How can we create a culture of excellence in #schools? Amid current pressures, schools must focus on giving the best education and creating a lifelong passion for learning among pupils.
Join the #Qudwa2017 Hack-A-Thon, a formal competition facilitated by the Awaken Group.
#Qudwa2017 hosted a survey among registered teachers across 68 countries. Check out the results on the needs and expectations of the teachers attending Qudwa
We're recognizing #UAE teachers for the vital role they play in the nation’s advancement.
Teachers have played a fundamental role in shaping the lives and minds of the leaders in our nation.
We're bringing together global voices in education to spark a conversation about the future of education.
Do you have an inspirational story of how a teacher positively impacted your life? Share your stories in the comments
Today’s digital era requires us to adapt newer forms of technology and communication, changing the way we interact and equipping students with personalized, experiential learning processes.
The 4th industrial revolution is altering the world, changing the skills required to maintain livelihoods. Notable speakers will explore how teachers adapt to stay on the cutting edge of education at the Qudwa Teachers' Forum. #QudwaForum
The UAE Space Agency - وكالة الإمارات للفضاء has launched a number of knowledge-transfer initiatives that are appealing to younger generations and students, to be showcased this Wednesday at the #QudwaForum.
At the #QudwaForum, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology will exhibit their research & STEM education programs and how these underpin the growth of #AbuDhabi’s rapidly developing economy.
#STEM education programs have created engaging and innovative learning spaces for our youth, preparing the next generation of leaders
Advancing STEM education and technology is essential for developing talent that can help Strata Manufacturing PJSC establish a leading aerospace industry #InAbuDhabi.
Stay tuned tomorrow for live updates from the Qudwa Teachers' Forum 2016, celebrating our nations educators, and promoting Abu Dhabi’s efforts in leading the future of education.
Edutech brings immersive learning experiences to our teachers and guests through technologies such as Robotics, Coding, Internet of Things and more. #QudwaForum
Masdar Institute of Science and Technology joins us to exhibit an in-depth understanding on how #STEM education has played a role in building our knowledge-based economy. #QudwaForum
Thanks to Strata Manufacturing PJSC, our visitors can now embark on a journey to our nation’s heritage, and explore the handiwork that has created a leading manufacturing industry in the #UAE. #QudwaForum
Masdar brings teachers the opportunity to learn about knowledge-sharing projects that have helped inculcate sustainable living practices at an early age. #QudwaForum
Delighted to be hosting the UAE Space Agency - وكالة الإمارات للفضاء at this morning’s exhibit, sharing information on future school curricula, and emphasizing the importance of #STEM programs. #QudwaForum
Live now: H.E. Minister Hussein Al Hammadi discusses the importance of the role of teachers in driving the future of education in the #UAE. #QudwaForum
Finnish Minister of Education Sanni Grahn-Laasonen discusses developing educational systems through teachers’ capacity building. #QudwaForum
Robotics engage students in complex thinking and problem solving - a priority for 21st century education #QudwaForum #WorldTeachersDay
A wonderful crowd today, with approximately 3,500 educators expected to attend the #QudwaForum which will honor teachers for outstanding contribution in shaping next generation of #UAE students & leaders
HE Dr. Ali Al Nuaimi, DG of Abu Dhabi Education Council Official (ADEC), addresses the importance of Moral Education, and the essential role of teachers. #QudwaForum #UAE
H.E. Minister Hussein Al Hammadi joins Finnish Minister of Education Sanni Grahn-Laasonen to highlight major trends in #education and the key role of teachers moving forward #QudwaForum
Congratulations to all the teachers who have served more than 25 years in their journey of education #QudwaForum
Thank you all for joining us today, and helping the #UAE lead the future of education. #QudwaForum
Thank you all for joining us at the Qudwa Teachers' Forum 2016 yesterday. It was truly an inspirational day, empowering our educators to lead the future of education #QudwaForum
The Crown Prince Court is placing education at the top of its agenda, recognising that prosperity is directly linked to our ability to educate future generations.
#Qudwa2017 is a global forum with teachers at its heart that recognises education as the single greatest contributor to the success, progress, peace and happiness of all nations.
Teachers will have the opportunity to shape the agenda of #Qudwa2017 by suggesting and voting on the topics they wish to discuss. #CoffeeHouseSessions
Stay tuned for #Qudwa2017’s #TeacherTalk segment, a panel of teachers and experts produced in collaboration with OECD for conversations around challenges facing the profession.
#Qudwa2017’s mission is to empower teachers and improve the future of education. Visit our website to learn more about the Forum
#Qudwa2017 will feature special addresses by keynote speakers designed to inform, inspire and encourage active engagement
#Qudwa2017 will bring you extraordinary personal stories from teachers from around the world that reinforce passion for teaching.
The #TeacherLab at #Qudwa2017 will provide concrete takeaways which teachers will be able to take back to their classrooms
This year at #Qudwa2017, expert researchers will lead interactive discussions on how the education landscape is changing, and how we must adapt to effectively teach for the future. #ExpertMasterclass
Teachers from 68 countries will be participating in #Qudwa2017 this year.
How do we integrate values in the classroom? Leaders in the field will run workshops during #Qudwa2017 where innovation is the catalyst for positive change in the teaching profession.
Teachers and experts will lead interactive discussions on how the education landscape is changing, and how to effectively teach for the future.