Gnowbe is a mobile-first micro-learning platform that facilitates ‘learn-by-doing’ and delivers engaging content for students and faculty on topics ranging from technical to soft skills. Educators and students are empowered to author their own content with engaging and action-oriented templates. Gnowbe is built on the latest research and science on how people learn through application and reflection. The mobile-first, web-responsive app leverages bite-sized learning (10 minutes a day), social learning (chats and messaging) and gamification to encourage active engagement and to drive behavior change, which ultimately drives business impact. It is designed for time-starved individuals who need relevant, new content accessible when they need it - right in their pockets.

 Clients report that their employees enjoy the Gnowbe experience - more than 90% say that they feel it is 'fun,' 'effective,' and 'convenient'. As a result, engagement rates on Gnowbe are eight to ten times higher than traditional e-learning solutions.

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