Teach A Man To Fish is an international education charity, based in the UK.

The organization assists schools to empower young people with the skills and mindsets to succeed in work and life; to get a decent job or set up their own business and generate a decent income when they leave school.

Their approach is simple and sustainable. The organisation’s School-Business Model uses school-run businesses to teach entrepreneurship and livelihood skills. A suite of educational resources, training and ongoing support guide teachers and student teams step-by-step to plan and run a fully functioning business in their school.

The approach works for any school in any location because school teams use available resources and their talents to run a business that sells real products or services to real customers in their community. A profit-making business is inherently sustainable, enabling more young people to participate and generate additional income for the school year after year.

The School Enterprise Challenge website offers the opportunity to all schools with access to the internet, while teams and partnerships on the ground in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia ensure that the opportunity also reaches young people in low-resource schools.

Since 2006, the entrepreneurial skills-building programmes of Teach A Man To Fish have directly benefitted over 200,000 students in schools around the world.

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