Turning Behavior Choice into a Skill: Cognitive Behavior Strategies That Help Teachers and Students

7 October

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03:15 pm - 04:00 pm
Session description

Learn how cognitive strategies can give students tools to cope and learn “how to think”, instead of “what to think
Cognitive-behavioral interventions are becoming recognized as a viable, research-based approach, appropriate for use in the classroom. Teachers can use cognitive behavioral strategies to help students control their own behavior, leveraging their inner speech to modify their underlying thinking, and therefore, the way they behave. These skills can equip students with a new approach to making choices about how to behave, and learn “how to think”, instead of “what to think”.
Keywords: Cognitive Behavior

Naif Al-Mutawa
Kuwait a New York State licensed clinical psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist. An approved CBT/RE Supervisor by the Albert Ellis Institute, professor of clinical psychology at Kuwait University's Faculty of Medicine