Spotlight Session: Teachers As Role Models For SDG4 

8 October

15 of 150 seats reserved

12:00 pm - 12:45 pm
Session description

How is GPE partnering with teachers to meet the objectives set in SDG4? What information do teachers need the most to improve the quality of learning inn the classrooms?
In 2015, the Global Partnership for Education adopted SDG4 on education as its vision, and used it as the building block for its 5-year strategy to build stronger education systems in developing countries. As a global fund, GPE partners with teacher organizations to improve the quality of learning in their classrooms and to share best practice. Based on the work done so far, how optimistic is GPE that the objectives set in SDG4 will be met? Is implementation on track and is it having real social impact?
Keywords: SDG4

Julia Gillard
Australia Former Prime Minister, Chair of the Board of Directors, Global Partnership for Education
Nivine Afiouni
United Arab Emirates Chief Sub Editor, SkyNews Arabia