Spotlight on Early Childhood: Children Can Only Aspire to What They Know Exists

8 October

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01:00 pm - 01:45 pm
Session description

What do we know about the relationship between the number of years of early childhood education, academic performance and adult success?
Foundational skills linked to problem solving, communication and social skills that affect whether people thrive or fall behind in the modern economy are developed early, and achievement gaps appear before kindergarten. The value of early childhood education as a driver of wider development is broadly accepted and is reflected in SDG4, yet there is no country in the world in which all young children reach their development potential.
Keywords: Teaching Strategies

Ger Graus
United Kingdom Director of Education, Kidzania
Andreas Schleicher
France Director for the Directorate of Education and Skills, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)