Najla Al Naqbi

Educational Technology Expert, Innovation and eLearning Manager, Department of Education and knowledge (ADEK)

United Arab Emirates

Dr Najla Al Naqbi holds a Ph.D. in Educational Technology, Curriculum and Instruction with over 8 years combined experience in academic and management educational environments. She is involved in all aspects of eLearning and distance learning projects at UAEU and ADEK public schools. Dr Najla’s experience the ability to train, lead teams as well as research with a number of international publications that cover the fields of instructional design, instructional technology, e-learning and distance learning. She is currently assessing and researching technology implementation at ADEK public schools. Dr Najla graduated from the UAE University with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and programing. In 2000, she was granted the UAEU scholarship for distinguished students to pursue her Masters and Ph.D. in Educational Technology in the USA. She holds different certificates in design and technology, project management, problem solving, open source education, management and leadership.